Blogmas #4: My 5 Favorite Things About the Holiday Season


The Holiday Season is HERE! Below I have listed my top 5 favorite things about the holiday season that help me to get into a Christmasy mood.

1. Time spent together with family and friends.

No matter who you are spending the holidays with, enjoy your time together. Relax, have fun, and be present.

Smile! Christmas holiday Family Portrait

2. Festive Decorations

Each year the family and I take a night and just drive around and look at Christmas lights. We have done this since our children were little. It is something we all look forward to each year! The lights on the houses and the trees in the window all lit up, are always a site to see.  It can’t help but get us in a Christmasy mood.

Christmas Decorations - Decorating a CHristmas Tree

3. Holiday Music

There is such an array of Christmas music now that there seems to be something for everyone’s taste in music, whether you prefer the traditional or non-traditional music.

Singing Christmas Music

4. Holiday Food and Treats

It is always fun getting together with family and baking Christmas cookies! It seems that food is always present when there is a gathering.  It brings people together.

Christmas cookies - Holiday Traditions

5. Holiday Traditions

There is nothing like walking through the mall hearing the “joy” of little kids going to sit on a strangers lap in a costume that scares the crap out of them.

Seeing Santa - Holiday Traditions

During the holiday seasons, traditions surround all of us. From those that go and cut down a tree, to a traditional Christmas morning breakfast with the family. Whatever they may be, we all hold our traditions close to our hearts.

What are your favorite things about the

holiday season?