Blogmas #9: ETSY Gift Guide


There are a lot of gift guides and ideas for Christmas and the holidays. So, I decided to create one around those that sell their goods on ETSY.  There are so many small businesses that would love you to buy something from them, for your loved ones, colleagues, friends, classmates or the blogger in your life. But if you’re not interested in buying from ETSY, please keep other small, or local businesses in mind this holiday season, when you are looking for the perfect gift.

Here are a few ideas that I came across that I think any blogger would enjoy.



  • “Bloggers gonna blog” (Buy Here)
  • ” I have to be successful because I love expensive sh*t ” (Buy Here)
  • “Don’t talk to me. I’m internet famous.” (Buy Here)


  • Boss Babe Sweatshirt (Buy Here)
  • Babes Supporting Babes Sweatshirt (Buy Here)
  • Social Media Sweatshirt “Blog & Snap & Insta & Tweet” (Buy Here)


Misc Items. Just for Fun!

  • A magnet that says, “Never overshare until you’ve monetized your lifestyle blog” (Buy here)
  • #Hashtag signs (Buy Here)
  • Writers Keychain (Buy Here)
  • Planner Stickers (Buy Here)

Additional Ideas:

for Writers (Click Here)

for Readers (Click Here)

for Bloggers (Click Here)Bough Up

Do you have a favorite ESTY shop?




*I have no affiliation with any of these creators or their stores. I have not been compensated in any way to list them on my blog.

Blogmas #8: Stocking Stuffers for Book Lovers


It is always nice to get small little gifts that can be used each day in their bookish adventures.

Here are a few fun ideas:

  • Fun Bookmarks   (buy here
  • Bookish Socks (buy here)
  • Pocket Notebooks/Journals (buy here)
  • A gift card to a local, independent bookstore

BUT No matter the time of year, a book lover can always use these to help get through that next chapter…

  • Coffee!! Why? Because it’s coffee, and you get to support small business! I have personally ordered coffee from Bell Lap Coffee before and it is fabulous (and no… I was not asked or compensated to say that… But it is fabulous!) Definitely check them out!! (buy here)
  • Godiva Truffles (buy here)
  • Abdallah Chocolates (buy here)

Bough Up

What are you hoping to find

in your stocking this Christmas??


*I am not affiliated with any of these companies and receive no kickbacks to promote or mention them.  The companies that I chose were personal preferences.


Sometimes the holidays aren’t always jolly

Time to be real…

I have been feeling overwhelmed and trying SO hard to be positive and present a positive front on The Bibliovert.  But I think it is time for me to be real. I am finding it to be exhausting to keep up with #blogmas. That for one is least of my concerns. 🙂

The holidays can be tricky. I can only speak for myself, but extended family drama is the number one cause for my current anxiety this holiday season. I’m not so keen on being so open, but during this time of year, it is really hard for some people to push through.  It takes a lot of energy to stuff down feelings and push on with the season with a smile. Just smile, and everyone will think it’s okay. Stay positive and it will appear as all is jolly this holiday season.

Unfortunately, I can’t do the smiling routine today. I want to be honest and this scares the crap out of me. Posting this out there for all to see.  But, I know in my heart, I am not the only one struggling this holiday season and want those that are struggling to know they aren’t the only ones.

I wrote this piece below to express my feeling and what is going through my head. This is me being uncomfortably vulnerable. But, I wanted to share it. Not to gain sympathy, but rather, to be honest, and real this holiday season.


Holidays can be stressful.

Each year seems to get harder and harder

I want to be strong

But I feel so weak.

Just smile

Everyone will think it’s okay

I just can’t stop thinking about how things should have been

How things could have been

I remember thinking I did something wrong

I remember stress, anxiety, and confusion

Trying to deal with the hand I was dealt

I remember thinking this isn’t how families should be…




So many feelings I still battle

Why don’t we just forget about the past

Just ignore it

Pretend and move forward

As if nothing has happened

Hide those feelings

Just smile, and everyone will think it’s okay

That may work for some, but it’s a real struggle for me

But, sure, I’ll pretend

I’ll pretend that everything is okay

Just so that we can be a happy family
I tried and I’m sorry

I just can’t pretend anymore

Those feelings won’t stay hidden

My heart is aching

I want to be strong, but I feel so weak

Lord, I give it all up to you

Please, help me get through this tough season

Please, help me get through this tough season


For those struggling this season, I see those smiles that are just trying to get you through. I wish I could jump through this screen and give you a great big hug. ❤

Keep your chin up and know you’re not the only one!

I promise I’ll keep the downer posts to a minimum…But I do think I will be backing off on the #blogmas posts and only have them sporadically through December.  I’d rather have it be authentically happy then to have it feel forced.

Till next time…

Much Love ❤

Blogmas #6: Gift Ideas for the Blogger in Your Life

BoughGiftGuideForTheBloggerInYourLifeBough Up

Are you looking for a gift that special blogger in your life? Here are just a few gift ideas. I have included links to where you can buy these gifts for your convenience. Most of the links are to Amazon.  This is just a personal preference.  These items can be purchased at other locations as well. I do not gain anything by you choosing to use Amazon or any of the other links.


Blogging and entrepreneurship is hard work.  Why not learn and gain some insight from others.

Blogging Tools 

Any of the following would be a nice addition to a blogger/entrepreneur’s desk.

  • Classic Notebooks/Journals (Buy here: Amazon)
  • Planner Box Kit (Buy here: Amazon)
  • Moleskine Notebook (Buy here: Amazon)
  • Blog and Editorial Calendar (Buy here: Amazon)
  • EPIC BLOG: One-Year Editorial Planner (Buy here: Amazon)    

  • Portable Charger (Buy here: Amazon)
  • Noise canceling earphones/buds (Buy here: Amazon)
  • Phone Tripod with Remote (Buy here: Amazon)


Why….because of coffee! 😉 And who wouldn’t want a cute mug?!?

  • Little Miss Blogger Mug (Buy here: Amazon)Amazon)
  • You Got This ~Coffee  (Buy here: Amazon)
  • She Believed She Could So She Did (Buy here: Amazon)


Most blogger/entrepreneurs spend most, if not all, of their free time working on their side hustle.  Why not treat them to some rest and relaxation?

  • Bookish Candles (Buy here: Amazon)
  • Yankee Candles (Buy here: Amazon)
  • Woodwick Candles (Buy here: Amazon)
  • A gift card, to their local salon, to get a mani/pedi
  • Aromatherapy Kit (Buy here: Amazon)
  • DammIt Doll (Buy here: Amazon)

I hope this list helps you in finding the perfect gift for the blogger in your life.


Happy Holidays!

Blogmas on The Bibliovert

Bough Up

Blogmas #4: My 5 Favorite Things About the Holiday Season


The Holiday Season is HERE! Below I have listed my top 5 favorite things about the holiday season that help me to get into a Christmasy mood.

1. Time spent together with family and friends.

No matter who you are spending the holidays with, enjoy your time together. Relax, have fun, and be present.

Smile! Christmas holiday Family Portrait

2. Festive Decorations

Each year the family and I take a night and just drive around and look at Christmas lights. We have done this since our children were little. It is something we all look forward to each year! The lights on the houses and the trees in the window all lit up, are always a site to see.  It can’t help but get us in a Christmasy mood.

Christmas Decorations - Decorating a CHristmas Tree

3. Holiday Music

There is such an array of Christmas music now that there seems to be something for everyone’s taste in music, whether you prefer the traditional or non-traditional music.

Singing Christmas Music

4. Holiday Food and Treats

It is always fun getting together with family and baking Christmas cookies! It seems that food is always present when there is a gathering.  It brings people together.

Christmas cookies - Holiday Traditions

5. Holiday Traditions

There is nothing like walking through the mall hearing the “joy” of little kids going to sit on a strangers lap in a costume that scares the crap out of them.

Seeing Santa - Holiday Traditions

During the holiday seasons, traditions surround all of us. From those that go and cut down a tree, to a traditional Christmas morning breakfast with the family. Whatever they may be, we all hold our traditions close to our hearts.

What are your favorite things about the

holiday season?


Blogmas #2: Top 5 Christmas Playlist

#blogmas on The Bibliovert

Well, Christmas time is upon us whether we are ready for it or not.  It seems to have snuck up on me a bit this year.  Are you ready for the Holiday season?


Music has always been a part of my life, no matter the time of year, but especially during Christmas. As a kid I remember my Mom going to the piano, pulling out the sheet music from the piano bench and sitting down to play. At times I could be found next to her singing along. I specifically remember singing, “Do You Hear What I Hear?” Just thinking about it gives me all the feels.  

Is there a song that brings you back to your childhood and Christmases years ago?

Below I have listed five of my favorite traditional and nontraditional Christmas songs.  The traditional song list could have been a mile long. There are just so many good choices. The non-traditional list was a little bit harder to put together. The Christmas season wouldn’t be the same for me, without these songs.




Do You Hear What I Hear? Johnny Mathis

Christmas Eve (Sarajevo 12/24), Trans-Siberian Orchestra

It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year, Andy Williams

A Holly Jolly Christmas, Burl Ives

Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree, Brenda Lee



I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas, Gayla Peeve

Grandma Got Runover By A Reindeer, Elmo and Patsy

Blue Christmas with Porky Pig

My Grown-Up Christmas, Kelly Clarkson

Mary Did You Know?, Pentatonix

What is your favorite Christmas and/or holiday songs?


#Blogmas Is Coming To The Bibliovert

#blogmas on The Bibliovert
#Blogmas is a countdown, of sorts, to Christmas.

On December first, #blogmas will begin.  I look forward to participating in this, for the first time, this year.   I feel it will allow me the ability to post some different types of posts than I normally would, as well as place a holiday spin on Decembers posts.  I did leave a few openings for reviews, or other topics that may come up. 

So, we’ll see how it goes.

Here’s the December outline of what you can expect on The Bibliovert.

#BlogMas on The Bibliovert

Will you be participating in

#Blogmas this year?

What are your blogging plans

for December?