My Rating Scale

Below I have outlined my rating scale. My reviews are simply my own thoughts & opinions on a particular book right after I finish reading them. Not everyone will agree with my reviews, and that’s okay.

5-starsEXCEPTIONAL READ! I could not put it down! I LOVED it. This book was amazing and can be counted among my favorites. Highly Recommended!

4-starsGREAT READ! I would pull an all-nighter. This book was an enjoyable read. Some moments I may have even loved. I would recommend this book and think most people would really enjoy this book. Go read this book!

3-starsGOOD READ. I didn’t love it & I didn’t dislike it. I would still recommend this book; it just wasn’t a favorite of mine.

2-starsFAIR READ. This rating is often reserved for books that are lacking in some areas – storyline, characterization, point of view &/or problematic plot lines. But, it had some redeeming qualities, but overall I didn’t love it.

1-starJUST NOT FOR ME. This book was a struggle to get through.

DID NOT FINISH — I won’t rate a book that I “did not finish.” I don’t believe it’s fair to put a rating on books I didn’t read from beginning to end.

 NOTE: I sometimes receive Advance Read­ing Copies (ARC) of books for review prior to the publication date, either from the publisher or from the author. I will always give my hon­est and fair thoughts on those books and my reviews will always stay genuine regardless of where the books were sourced from. I do not charge for reviews, nor do I receive dis­counts, gifts or favors in exchange for a review. All other books are acquired by per­sonal purchase or through my local library.