2020 Goals | Blogging, Social Media, and Personal Goals

There have been a lot of things going on in my life lately and so I’m just getting around to writing down my goals for 2020. My husband was in the hospital at the end of 2019 and recovery has been an adjustment for our family.  We are a tight-knit family and will get through this together. But this incident explains some of my personal goals for the year.  It is so important to be present in your life and make the most of every situation. Life always goes on, and it is the perspective that you see, that makes the difference.  You can play the victim or look at it as all being a part of God’s plan and things happen for the reason. We may not understand it all at the time, but we have faith.

Love your family and love, even more, when things get hard. ❤

My 2020 Goals

Reading Goals


  1. Read and complete 50 books. I am not counting my DNF towards this goal.more books
  2. Don’t over request books on NetGalley. This is a stretch for me. I really want to rein this in so that I can better manage my feedback ratio. Taking a break from blogging really damaged this percentage.
  3. Focus more on books that I own.  I have an extensive TBR list and it would be nice to check some of those off.

Blogging Goals

Happy Blogging

  1. Get on a posting schedule so that I can better balance my life and my blog.
  2. Review at least 90% of the books I read this year
  3. Post Monthly Updates/Recaps
  4. Participate in 3 readathons
  5. Build my readership up to more than 20 readers a day
  6. Participate regularly in First Line Fridays
  7. Participate in Blog Tours/Book Tours as my schedule allows
  8. First guest post on another blog.
  9. Set up metrics/stats

Social Media GoalsFor The Love Of Books


  1. Have fun with social media. I don’t want to fall into a trap of being stressed out by setting rigid posting expectations for myself.
  2. Cross-post reviews onto social Media
  3. Set up metrics/stats
  4. Learn and post to insta stories regularly. (I’m a little late to this, I know)

Personal GoalsLove

  1. Work on finding balance in my life.
  2. Remember to take life one day at a time
  3. Enjoy life, IN the moment
  4. Be present for my kids and husband
  5. Self Care
    • Journal daily
    • Drink more water
    • Exercise more
  • Listen to my body and better manage my chronic illnesses

What are your goals for this year?

Whatever they may be, don’t forget to



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