First Line Friday | The Wives


This weeks choice for First Line Friday is:

The Wives by Tarryn Fisher

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The Wives by Tarryn Fisher

“He comes over on Thursday every week.”

Now it’s your turn!  Grab the book you are currently reading, or one near you, and post the first line in the comments below.  Then head over to Hoarding Books to check out other FLF participants. Just click on the FLF button below.


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3 thoughts on “First Line Friday | The Wives”

  1. My first line is from The Gray Chamber by Grace Hitchcock:
    New York City, Fall 1887
    Edyth Foster’s limbs burned as she pedaled down Fifth Avenue, her white skirts whipping in the wind while she wove around pedestrians and carriages, ignoring their shouts of protest.


  2. Happy Friday! I’m sharing from Volition by Chautona Havig on my blog today. Here is the first line from Chapter 18:

    “For a week, I read my Bible, prayed like I’d never prayed before, and tried to ignore the skeleton that had moved into my closet.”


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