Blogmas #9: ETSY Gift Guide


There are a lot of gift guides and ideas for Christmas and the holidays. So, I decided to create one around those that sell their goods on ETSY.  There are so many small businesses that would love you to buy something from them, for your loved ones, colleagues, friends, classmates or the blogger in your life. But if you’re not interested in buying from ETSY, please keep other small, or local businesses in mind this holiday season, when you are looking for the perfect gift.

Here are a few ideas that I came across that I think any blogger would enjoy.



  • “Bloggers gonna blog” (Buy Here)
  • ” I have to be successful because I love expensive sh*t ” (Buy Here)
  • “Don’t talk to me. I’m internet famous.” (Buy Here)


  • Boss Babe Sweatshirt (Buy Here)
  • Babes Supporting Babes Sweatshirt (Buy Here)
  • Social Media Sweatshirt “Blog & Snap & Insta & Tweet” (Buy Here)


Misc Items. Just for Fun!

  • A magnet that says, “Never overshare until you’ve monetized your lifestyle blog” (Buy here)
  • #Hashtag signs (Buy Here)
  • Writers Keychain (Buy Here)
  • Planner Stickers (Buy Here)

Additional Ideas:

for Writers (Click Here)

for Readers (Click Here)

for Bloggers (Click Here)Bough Up

Do you have a favorite ESTY shop?




*I have no affiliation with any of these creators or their stores. I have not been compensated in any way to list them on my blog.

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